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Treatments For Boils

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Natural Remedies For Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Natural Remedies For Hidradenitis Suppurativa

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Treatment For Boil
Treatment For Boil

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Comments on hidradenitissuppurativapictures.net

nina says:    


Try taking Turmeric Force capsules. Its all natural and although I have not been diagnosed, I have been checked for everything else it could be, I have been dealing with this for over 10yrs and after research of my own I have all the symptoms of this disease. After taking these pills I have seen results. I do not want to be cut on, or put on medication. So after going to the doctor and being told it would have to be lanced, I decided to try and cure myself. Diet has a lot to do with it as well. I love sweets/sugar, so I cut out the sugar, oh and milk as well along with the daily turmeric capsules and saw results immediately. Good luck guys.

dan says:    


i have had this for 10 years now have had 5 surgeries the 1 surgery they removed all skin from left armpit and swore it wouldnt come back there since it would be all new skin... well guess what 2 years later its worse under that arm then it has ever been i would suggest staying clear of major surgery since it doesnt seem to work anyway just gives you more pain then you had before

Morris says:    


I have had hs since 16 yrs old and about 2/3 ops a year ,now 54 .I have found stress/nervousness, certain preservative spices in food ,alcohol , lack of sleep , can activate your system .Some places where they have operated before and has been dormant for up to 5 years can all of a sudden flare up again. The treatment given by some doctors is not correct. Scenario: you have a cyst that has formed its pain full like hell!!Doc gives you antibiotics and pain killers? That can take about 4 weeks to clear if you lucky and go through hell all the time? all the right symptoms to aggravate this condition even more! MY quick fix solution :2 Myprodols every 4 hours , pending on the severity should open in 2/3 days take them before you eat works quicker pain should be tolerable in about 30min . In hot climates shower twice a day. Smear areas with Fucidin ointment after shower or bath and keep open and covered with breathable plaster and a gause swab to absorb leakage and change regularly if you leave on too long they will start to smell. You can also just smear the areas that are prone to infection just with Fucidin ointment/cream before you go to sleep at night. I cannot promise this will work for everyone . But living with this problem for 38 years ! This works for me. I live in South Africa which has a fairly hot summer. But still have to go for opps at least once a year, as my work can cause varying stressful times in the year! PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTER THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC OR INTOLLERENT TO THESE MEDICINES????? This is my opinion only and treatment that works for me. I am not a Doctor ,just 38 years of hell!

Melanie says:    


I have had this hidradenitis since i was a teenager and started with the body oder and now the rashes and boils and fatty tumors show up in my 20s and now im in 40s still have it. there is no cure I hope one day it is for the ones that have this and gose threw the surgey

Donna says:    


Can a person get this in the privac area a friend of mind wants to know

jackie says:    


Die from what infection,surgery what

Reign says:    


Hi I'm 13 years old and this runs in my dads side if the family , its not so bad it doesent hurt anymore, but when. Had my sugary it was to painful. They cut a whole in my arm and packed it with 6feeet of goes, I had to oulk that out. By a certain day and lawd when I got done I was in tears' ' know after I had my sugary I have Ben a little,e bit better and I have been happy, yeaa I still have to pack my arm with 4 by 4 goes by it goes right in and comes right out . I hope that I'm the last person in my family that has to do this ' well I just wanted to tell my story well bye :)

audrey says:    


I have been suffering from this disease for 15+ yrs. Its horrible. I already look like the pics. I'm 26 yrs old and have a 7month old baby & a 2 yr old its so hard to deal with kids & working full time with this disease it is so painful a lot times I want to lay in bed and never wake up. I feel like no one understands how I feel its horrible :-( ... I can't hardly walk most of the time and I've had tons of staff infections, & mrsa I've been on numerous antibiotics and nothing seems to work idk what yo do :'(

Linda says:    


My husband has suffered from this disease for 13 yrs now it was only diagnosed in dec last year, the worse part was not knowing what disease you are suffering from and going for HIV test every now and then and being found negative. Its like the leprosy of the old testament. to anyone suffering from this disease stay positive and thank God that you know what you are suffering from. others are stil going from one doctor to the next trying to figure out what the problem is. you are not cursed.

Kenneth says:    


So this is what I have. about 3yrs ago went to Dr & he lanced it its about 2-2 1/2" from rectum and was no fun after he lanced it about he stuffed gauze in it he& told my wife to pull a little out every 2-3 days till all the gauze was out and should be done with it.well I have it come back about every 4-5 wks and is VERY PAINFUL!! I don't want to be cut on again if I can keep from it. seems like when the weather starts warming up it come back more often.What can be done??? It hurts so bad cant hardly set down but I've had 3 lower back surgeries and on pain meds very strong ones but dont help with this. I have to burst it so I can finally set down. any body know of a Dr that treats this in KY ? please help.

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